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HeartBeat Newsletter

Last update: May 16, 2014


CMS - Contec Medical Systems in cooperation with X-Cardio Corp., Japan provide a web-based online newsletter devoted to HeartBeat Technology - -HeartBeat Newsletter:


The HeartBeat Newsletter, introduce the concept of "Dynamic Medicine" and how the new line of HeartBeat products helps to achieve "Dynamic Medicine":  New products, new technologies, new applications, exhibitions, special offers and medical innovations that can benefit from the new generation generation Heartbeat that is based on



Mobile Unified Sensors Technology.


Breaking News -

MediBeat Mobile App can be downloaded from Google Play

Search for MediBeat and install


Dynamic Medicine

and MUST

Most of the medicine today is static in nature, based on tests that provide the doctor a "snapshot" of the patient health. As physiological parameters change during day and night with activity, "Dynamic Medicine" is applying continuous measurements. It is like the difference between "stills" and "video" in photography. Even the sharpest still image will not provide the data that a video provides.

MUST (Mobile Unifying Sensors Technology) is built to provide you with the real data all the time, in the palm of your hand. The App unifies data from all available sensors, and unifies it to provide one total picture of your health, both along time and compared to your gender and age group.
















Advantages of MUST -
1. S/W configurable devices -

with MUST we can produce almost any desired device and feature, in very short time, using existing devices like Pulse Oximeter, ECG, Doppler, Stethoscope, Spirometer ... just by S/W.

2. All sensing info is united and unified - instead of treating every signal separately, we unify the sensors info to create new signals and parameters

3. Use MUST unification for creating new parameters - Creating pecific useful combinations like CO (from combining Pulse Oximeter and BP monitor for calibration).


 Advantages to end-users (Doctors and patients):

a. Getting a lot more clinical data from the same devices like Pulse Oximeter

b. Much lower cost for estimating continuously parameters like CO, SVR, micro-circulation problems like Diabetes, etc..

c. Continuous monitoring of patients in hospital and home care.



Main advantages to Contec distributors:
1. Have unique products that can bring more customers and higher margins
2. The ability to share continuous stream of revenues from upgradings and monthly/yearly fees.

New Generation devices for Physicians -save money and lives


HeartBeat new generation devices, based on the patented MUST approach, are especially suitable for saving money and time of physicians and healthcare providers. They compute an estimation of the most advanced cardiovascular parameters like Cardiac Output, Continuous BP, Continuous changes in Systemic Vascular Resistance in a small fraction of the cost.

They are mobile, and can accompany the patients at their homes and daily life and provide a full record of changes, including automatic alerts via e-mail to the doctor.

MUST™ - Mobile Unifying Sensors Technology

Heartbeat™  is based on  MUST™ - Mobile Unified Sensors Tech.


Heartbeat™ is the only technology today  that provides real-time full cardiovascular info in a watch.and Mobile App.


SIMPLE to use, RELIABLE , ACCURATE and LOW COST, with the most advanced MUST™ patented technology..


Main goals:
1. advantageous for distributors (unique competitive advantage , higher profits, long term relations with customers that produce continuous stream of revenues and loyalty)

2. Have competitive advantage for end customers  in saving costs and increase revenues and patient safety

3. Established accuracy and reliability ( as reliable and accurate as expensive devices)
4. Long term benefits - improves over time by learning algorithms.
5. Continuous addition of new features with minimal cost.

6. Produces reports immediately after the test for showing to patients and billings.

The HeartBeat App works with current FDA/CE approved CMS devices like:

1. Pulse Oximeters with Bluetooth - CMS50FW


2. CONTEC08 - BP and SpO2


3. PM80 - ECG


4. SP10 - Spirometer


Soon it will work

with most other

CMS devices.

Works with existing devices


Hospitals and Critical Care

HeartBeat products is used for personal monitoring forboth  inpatients and outpatients.

Most of the inpatients are not monitored, so many critical changes in the cardiovascular status can go unnoticed. This refers mainly to measuring hemodynamic parameters like Cardiac Output and vascular resistance, that are crucial for optimizing treatment but are checked only in critical care.  Same is true for outpatients.

All info is in the waveform

By analysing the waveform of the signal, we can compute all hemodynamics.Although the signal is taken from the peripheral circulatory system, the wave form that we record reflects the basic structure of the central BP waveform.

Below, Female 73 y/o patient with very low CO (2.0 L/Min)

Please note the high reflected wave and low forward wave.

Below, healthy male 44 y/o waveform before and after exercise


Dynamic Medicine:

Continuous Monitoring during daily activity




Most Advanced

Pulse Oximeters

All Hemodynamics
in your hand
Anytime Anywhere

 HeartBeat - World's most advanced Pulse Oximeter & Mobile monitors.

Sports Medicine & Fitness

The new generation Heartbeat devices are especially suitable as consumer devices for home healthcare and for fitness applications.

With HeartBeat products, using interface suitable for Fitness and wellness applications, one can measure much more accurately calories, MET, de-hydration and get guidance to optimal gains from training.


Using HeartBeat



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